How To Intercept Or "Hack" A Phone Call

With this you can listen to the call from your target . But their is a catch you have to be on the same damn network as the target.

:one: Before we can start our fuckery we need to download WS if you
do not know what WS is it is a packet sniffer/analyzer WS is short for
“WireShark” anyway you can find it here in the link

Wireshark · Download .

:two: We then need to download the file witch will let us intercept the call witch can be found right here

we want to download the 2nd one the one that says “SIP_CALL_RTP_G711” < ~

:three: Now what we need to do is open WS now under files click open , then open the file you just downloaded “SIP_CALL_RTP_G711” > now scroll over @ the top where it says Telephony && click on VoipCalls .

Should look like this here:

:four: You should see a window like this now witch will give you the options to select the target & decode the call stream :

:five: Then we hit play && boom pow ping nigga on sight we just
hacked into an un-encrypted VOIP conversation. Like a boss tycoon

If you did everything correct you can now intercept the call and be a
sick snooper , we can do way more but that is for next time.

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Enjoy! :+1:

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